OK so you want to know more about KeaKreative. This is going to get a bit personal.

From the start…
I’m Craig, the ginger, bit geeky, glasses wearing creative with a passion for design and a tea addiction. I’ve always loved all things design and it was the one subject I excelled in at school. I took that thirst for creativity to college and spent two years learning more about the design industry and history of art some of which was a bit of a yawn if I am honest but most of it was facinating. Half way through college I was employed by an Ipswich based graphic design agency where I was taught a great deal about Macs, Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark by some really great people who were always happy to answer all my newbie questions.

In the 7 years that I worked for the agency I learnt a great deal about design, catalogue design, leaflet design, logo creation and branding. I also had to book media and advertising space with newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately this came to end when many of the design team were made redundant.

KeaKreative was born…
With not many options for a new job available at the time and with 7 years knowledge and experience in the design industry under my belt I went self employed and set up KeaKreative Graphic Design, scary biscuits back then! But with encouragement from my cousin (who is now my web developer and office buddy!) I’ve been running KeaKreative Graphic Design for 8 years (Note: November 2015 for when I forget to update this bit in 5 years time!).

8 years on and I’ve run my business from home in Felixstowe, from an office in Felixstowe and now in the quiet town of Woodbridge in Martlesham.

About KeaKreative Graphic Design, the bit you’ve been waiting for…

At KeaKreative Graphic Design we can design pretty much anything, if it can have a design on it we can most likely design it. We love to create logos and branding, stationery and leaflets to match and maybe a website to boot – got to keep consistancy when it comes to design don’t forget!

We take pride in listening to our clients brief and pulling as much information as we can from them to design a logo, brand, website, leaflet that represents you or your business in the best possible way with the maximum impact.

People say not to judge a book by its cover but when it comes to your business branding this is exactly what people will do. We can make sure your branding is giving off the right signals.

Wrap up with a little fact…
The name KeaKreative comes from my children’s first initials in their names K, E and A .

meI’ve waffled on enough now I think, thanks for getting this far! If you enjoyed this waffle perhaps you’d like to head over to our Facebook Page to hear more potential waffle (along with a few serious updates and promotions)