Aqua Massage Business Logo Design Ipswich

InvigR8 offer various relaxation services in Ipswich, one of which is their aqua massage. Offering a relaxing environment to de-stress and chill out. We used calm blues and a curvy font to give the impression waves and water, the star shape is a target, a sign of the stresses disappearing in a flash. The play on words/numbers is divided using colour but still flows through the design.

Aqua Massage Business Logo Design Ipswich Business-Card-Design-Ipswich DL Leaflet Print IpswichBusiness-Card-Print-Ipswich DL-Leaflet-Design-Ipswich

We also designed and printedĀ InvigR8 some business cards and DL flyers. These items continued their branding with calm colours, curved edges to appear like soft water droplets. We love curved edge business cards in the right situation and for the right business they really are a neat little addition, if you’d like to order some round edge business cards or DL leaflets then please do get in touch.