Gill Moon Photography Logo Design, Woodbridge

Gill Moon Photography approached KeaKreative to create a professional logo design. Gill was looking for a natural, outdoorsy and friendly logo design that evokes a love of nature and landscape. We had the added challenge of creating a logo set, including a pet photography logo that would sit alongside this within the Gill Moon brand.

Gill requested that we integrate a Moon into the design somehow if we could, as subtle as we like. It was also requested that we used soft, natural, colours.

After sending over a selection of initial visuals, as we do with all of our logo design clients, Gill selected this design for her main logo.

This is the Pet Photography Logo design that we created to accompany the main Gill Moon Photography Logo Design.

Gill Moon Pet Photography Logo Design Woodbridge

It is simply a moon cresent made into a round shape with the leaf element or jumping pet to depict the two different areas of photography. This one looks loosely like a camera lens without being too obvious like some photography logos. It uses neutral, gentle shades and curves to envoke a natural and calm feel and appearance.

Once we had the logo designs perfected and Gill was happy with them both we worked to create the letterhead and stationery designs.

Gill Moon Photography Stationery Design WoodbridgeGill Moon Photography Stationery Design Woodbridge

We then set to work creating Gill Moon Photography’s website design.