Logo Design Felixstowe for Zoë Gibbs Photography

Here’s a great logo design, Felixstowe based Zoë Gibbs Photography. This is a clever logo that was really quite fun to design ‘Zoë’ is the face of the business, she is the photographer so it made sense to use her name to create the logo icon, forming a camera with the accent above the ‘E’ becoming a light sensor on the camera.

Logo Design Felixstowe

It’s a simple but effective black and white logo design. From this logo design, Felixstowe based Zoë Gibbs has had printed price-lists and stationery produced. It’s difficult to produce a unique photographers logo these days as so many have been done before. Zoë’s made great use of the logo in her own projects too, watermarking her images. See how pleased Zoë is with the logo on her website.