Racing Car Logo Design Ipswich

A logo design produced for a clients F1 racing fans Facebook group. This car logo design Ipswich uses an illustrated formula one car graphic sitting upon the wording. We produced variants of this logo to read as F1 and Formula 1 which also suited different uses i.e. icons or profile cover images. The illustrated graphic of the race car suggests speed and movement with it’s reducing brush strokes and streamlined curves.

Car Logo Design IpswichCrazy4F1-Facebook-Cover-Design

We used the classic, recognisable black and red Formula 1 colours but obviously avoided making the design too alike. The group of nearly 15,000 members seem to have reacted well to the new design for their group. If you intend to use your logo on a Facebook page or group it is always great if you let us know early on in the brief so we can take this into consideration and provide a logo variation where necessary so your branding appears at it’s optimum.