Rogers & Tweed – Woodbridge Branding Design

The client approached us requiring a branding design for a clothing and soft furnishings business based in Woodbridge. They required three versions of the branding design to use within the business, full length name to appear on website, paperwork, banners etc. The abbreviation R&T is to be used with labelling etc and the marque of the stag to appear alone on the exterior of garments, soft furnishings, accessories and also as an icon on the website. Creating a design for a high end business is always interesting, to get the balance right to make it say top quality without shouting overpriced.

R&T Logo Design Woodbridge Woodbridge Branding Design

To produce the Stag head design we traced over a photographic image, simplifying it for the process it will be required for, small print and stitching. The ‘R&T’ are a manipulated font produced for the branding to give them a unique ‘one off’ look. Carefully adjusted to sit comfortably and look sleek. It was important that the branding worked as a single solid colour so it can be reproduced to work in any solid colour required.

If you’re based in Woodbridge, Suffolk and require branding of any kind then please do not hesitate to get in touch.