Sticker Logo Design for Fresh Stickers business

This sticker logo design for Fresh Stickers was produced to be used as the brand logo for a sticker and vinyl printing/cutting business. The sticker logo design is using shades of green, as this is a fresh colour and is often associated with mint, fresh grass and leaves. The leaves in this represent mint and freshness visually. We have manually manipulated the modern serif font to make it unique for this client.

Sticker Logo DesignCompliments-Slips-Fresh-Stickers

We particularly like how the tail on the ‘h’ in ‘Fresh’ leads onto the leaves. It’s a simple, bold and effective design that could also be vinyl cut itself without any issues. If you require any vinyl stickers cutting we would be more than happy to speak to our client and organise a design for you too.

Once we had completed the logo design the client asked us to produce some instructions to illustrate and guide their customers on how to apply the stickers once they had made their purchase.

Green is often associated with money and it has been said that it encourages people to want to spend money when it is used. It also has a very close relationship with the environmental world.