Instructions design for Fresh Stickers

Fresh Stickers instructions design aimed at giving the purchaser clear, illustrated instructions on how to apply their new fresh stickers. We created these instructions to be posted out on rigid card to keep the sticker from getting bent and also provide the customer with a simple step by step guide on how to use their new sticker.

Instructions Design Sticker Logo Design

It also acts as a thank you note and means of advertising to give the customer the opportunity to stay in touch or get in touch if they have any problems. It really is such a simple item to supply to a customer who is receiving posted goods but will be appreciated if there is ever an issue or indeed praise to be given. Say for instance you use Instagram as a business, encourage your customer to add a photo of their new product and use a particular hashtag – free publicity showing off your product.

We also produced and designed the logo for Fresh Stickers.

If you require any instructions or illustrated guides then please do not hesitate to get in touch and KeaKreative will be more than happy to help. We design the illustrated graphics from scratch to meet with your exacting requirements.