Branded Stationery Design Orwell Computers

Some branded stationery design for Ipswich based Orwell Computers. This was designed to accompany their logo and branding. Carefully selected fonts to compliment the logo clearly state the important details required on a letter head and business card.

Branded Stationery Design Apple Mac Repair Logo and Brand Design

We also created a thank you card to complete their set, so Orwell Computers can thank their customers for their business. The two cards are differentiated between by using different floods of either the green or the purple on the reverse of the cards. More often than not these days it costs no more to print on the reverse of the card so always make use of all the space you have available.

We also updated a few design elements on their already existing website to bring it up to date and in line with their new branding and colours.

We¬†see so many people just get their logo professionally designed and then they get a printer to design the business card or apply a bit of ‘DIY’ – budget is everything but when it is the face of your business it could be a false economy if people don’t take you seriously with a poorly designed set of stationery.